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An application for translating voice and text to sign language

The AvaNama application has been designed to help improve communicating for the hearing impaired and the deaf who use sign language or lip reading. Persian sign language has been integrated into this software with a focus on the standards and exact signs. It can be used as an educational resource across the country.

  • Useful for the deaf and hearing impaired
  • Supports Persian sign language
  • An Educational Assistant
  • Converts Speech to Sign Language

According to statistics, in our country, Iran, of every 1000 live births, 4.7% of newborns are born with peripheral hearing impairment which, unfortunately, is higher than the global rate. There is also hearing impairment in the elderly. In order to help this community, the main idea of the AvaNama software was formed in the fall of 2015 by a group of teachers and students of IT and Computer Science department of Institute for Advanced Studies in Basic Sciences and after two years of effort, the first version of the software was released. Feedbacks to this version will help the development team to eliminate the possible inefficiencies. Therefore, please be a part of the caring community and help us improve this software with your comments and suggestions.

Hoping the day all the deaf people of our lovely country communicate with other parts of the society with no limits.

Dear deaf people are also members of the society, like all other members of the society. We all help the dear deaf together. This help can be provided in the form of training, research, standardization of sign language, financial support, etc. Help us do this rewarding act of kindness with your donations.

Ashkan Safari

Application Developer

Dr. Mansoor Davoodi Monfared


Arman Rouhani

Application Developer

Mohammadmahdi Alijani

Application Developer

Fateme Alamdar


Anjom Shoa School

Anjom Shoa Elementry School Located in Zanjan


IT & Computer Science Department

Reza Mahmoudi

Researcher and sign language theacer, Speaker of the Deaf News and vice chairman of Iran deaf society

Thanks to all the dear ones who helped us with this software.

The AvaNama Team perfoms its activities at IT and Computer Science department of Institute for Advanced Studies in Basic Sciences. You can contact us By sending a message, calling us with the given number at the bottom of the page or using our social network pages.

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  • Department of Computer Science & IT, No444, Institute for Advanced Studies in Basic Sciences, prof. Yousef Sobouti Boulevard, Zanjan, Iran

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  • +98 - 2433153376